Pencak Silat Sharaf Disciple Instructor Program (Live Weekly Presentations 2023)

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The Sharaf Disciples Program is for people interested in combining strategic thinking skills, martial history and ethos, and tactical Silat fighting skills to become a Sharaf instructor in the combative traditions of the Nusantara (Indonesia & Malaysia).

What you get

  1. Full access to all combative training content
  2. Full access to all academic presentations
  3. Full access to our private Pencak Silat Sharaf Telegram group
  4. Full access to weekly LIVE training presentations with Pendekar Hussein
  5. Free training with Pendekar Hussein wherever he is in the world if you wish to travel to meet him or when he's in a location close to you
  6. One on one Success/Life coaching with Pendekar Hussein

Pencak Silat has a rich and diverse set of physical and mental lessons that can be applied to everything from your professional life in the boardroom to your personal life challenges. There is no limit to the application of the principles. The Sharaf Disciples Program will develop your strategic thinking skills and combine them with hardcore technical Pencak Silat skills that will deliver an immediate impact on your life, training, business, or career. It is a personal success-focused program that will teach you the skills to apply the strategies of Pencak Silat to solve real-life challenges every day. Our knowledge lectures feature topics like Traditional Dueling, Crime Scene Navigation, Malaysian and Indonesian History, Adaptability to Chaos, Principles of Martial Strategy, and so much more! All TUS lectures are LIVE and INTERACTIVE with Q&A sessions after each lecture, then recorded, so if you miss one you can always come back and access it anytime. You will also have access to our private training group on Telegram where we share information, training tips, special lessons, and lots more.

Pendekar Hussein, Selangor, Malaysia

Meet your instructor on the journey

Your instructor, Pendekar Hussein, is a Pencak Silat expert, a teacher, world traveler, and former paramedic. He has lived in several countries researching and teaching Pencak Silat and martial culture for over 25 years. Some places include his family's ancestral home of Sudan where he taught Pencak Silat to military and intelligence personnel, Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, Turkiye, and other locations. In 2011 he immigrated to Malaysia with his family and married a Malaysian citizen. He speaks six languages including, Bahasa, the prevalent language of Malaysia and Indonesia, and currently resides in Istanbul.

Martial Technical Aspect in the Course

There are hours and hours of lessons that focus on building the following technical Silat skills: Knife combat, emptyhand combat, armed ground fighting, close-quarter gunfighting using Silat, improvised weapons, situational awareness, street survival skills, and loads more. This will be coupled with weekly lecture and discussion sessions with Pendekar Hussein, directly mentoring you on your road to mastery and certification as a Silat Sharaf Instructor.

Mentoring Aspect in the Course

Pendekar Hussein brings an awesome amount of experience and passion to lecture sessions. He has taught and mentored students from all over the world, personally in one-on-one sessions and online, through challenges like diseases, divorce, business failures, abusive relationships, low-self esteem, and higher martial training achievement goals. These are real-world issues and the principles/skills of Pencak Silat are directly applicable to improving one's ability to handle them.



Negotiation skills

Calculating risk

Communication skills

Goal-oriented thinking

Adaptability through Difficulty

are just a few examples that can be extrapolated to apply to life challenges to achieve positive outcomes for students. Pencak Silat is life. It does not stop at the training room door. It accompanies you everywhere and assists you in gaining success in whatever you choose to do. The Sharaf Disciples program will not only change your training but also change your life and mindset forever. 

Purpose of the Brotherhood

Pencak Silat Sharaf is a Persaudaraan Silat (Silat Brotherhood) that focuses on developing instructors the old way: through a personal, long-term relationship with a master trainer. The Disciples program is not a two or three-day event that will promote you to an instructor level and then abandon you afterwards with a cheap certificate. Rather, we focus on developing a relationship and bond as an instructor and disciple instructor over a period of several years through training together, family engagements, direct Silat ethos coaching via Zoom calls, and in some instances, travel and living together as was traditionally done in the transmission of Pencak Silat systems in the past. The main purpose of this program is to inculcate the Silat Sharaf mindset into one’s life at all moments instead of simply training technical material and getting a certification that has little use outside the Gelanggang (training hall). And to take the complete system, master it, and represent it in your area of the world. We envision the development of decisive, Martial Strategists capable of modeling the system for the next generation through positive leadership examples every day. That is the main goal and our ultimate criteria for success. This is also the reason why it is through an invitation-only approach that we offer this to people. Not everyone is meant for leadership and not everyone will be cut out to represent Silat Sharaf as a Master Instructor. We know that and we plan for it, so we offer a place to those individuals we believe are best suited to represent the system. Others are welcome to train for personal development and camaraderie even if they are not interested in becoming instructors.

Commitment to Mastery

We live in a time where people want to get everything instantly, whether it’s training or education. This mentality has led to the downfall of knowledge as it was passed on through the generations from parent to child, and master to disciple. The Pencak Silat Sharaf Disciple program is a personal commitment to mastery of the system and continuation of the Pusaka (heirloom) which will be passed to the next generation of one’s family or students. It is not time-constrained but quality constrained, and the focus is on achieving the highest level of knowledge you can rise to. Mastery happens when you don’t look for the certificate but look for the purpose behind your learning. That’s why the commitment cannot be offered to anyone we don’t feel is capable of carrying it through. It would be a waste of time, money, and effort, for them and for us. For this to work and have true value, you must be 100% committed to making Sharaf your lifestyle and thought process.

We Are Not Made for Despair

There is one main ingredient needed to be successful on this journey: an Iron Will. And if you don’t currently have it then you will acquire it with us. People who choose Silat Sharaf as their primary focus of study in the martial traditions are those who believe not only in victory in battle but also success in their daily endeavors as human beings. We are not men made for despair. Complaining about the mediocrity of our lives, the lack of achievement, or a loss in one form or another is not our way. We accept the challenges of life and death as a means of testing our will against the will of the world and everything in it and forcing ourselves, and those close to us, to come out on top.

"My teacher told me many years ago, you must be able to watch your beloved child die, wash their body, dig their grave, pray the funeral prayer for them, and continue your life without being broken, then you really have Silat. We are not men who live in despair." Pendekar Hussein

We Are a Tribe and We Protect Each Other

Pencak Silat Sharaf Instructors are the leaders of their generation and they are raised in traditional chivalry. One of those teachings is that we network together and we look out for each other and our families. If one of us dies or is injured, the rest will look to assist and protect the family of our fallen brother. Through a private network of brothers all over the world, we work to advance each other and support each other in life, business, training, and any other pursuit we decide on.

The Type of People We Select

Pencak Silat Sharaf is not the average martial arts system watered down to a simple hobby self-defense training curriculum. It is unique in that the technology is more aggressive, more strategic, and focused on four primary areas: combatives, strategic thinking, leadership development, and traditional chivalry. Therefore we are very selective in the men we choose to represent us through the 10 criteria we look for in Master Instructors.

  1. Experience in real life
  2. General intelligence
  3. Solid martial arts background
  4. Consistent learners who value education
  5. Good communication skills
  6. Have a servant-leadership mindset
  7. Have politeness and respect in manners
  8. Can commit to mastery learning
  9. Believe in warrior tradition, not just self-defense
  10. Have complementary skills: medicine, law, policing, technology, languages, soldiering, finance, etc


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Pencak Silat Sharaf Disciple Instructor Program (Live Weekly Presentations 2023)

11 ratings